Foul w Hummos

Authentic middle eastern street food

Serve up Fresh Taste – Feast Happy

Foul W Hummus Restaurant business story started in 2009 in the city of DUBAI when the Fadi AYYAD , set out to realize his long-held dream of owning a successful restaurant business, built on the pursuit of excellence. Following his years of working behind the counter, cooking, and serving his customers, we are now proud to carry on the Foul W Hummus restaurant legacy, and proud to have developed a quality concept that has grown to serve and please hundreds of millions of customers over the years.

Foul W Hummus restaurant has been built on hard work and dedication to the single objective of providing successive of loyal customers with high quality falafel , hummus and foul meals, served fast and courteously, in a clean and inviting environment and at the best value for money.

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